Dr. Jatish Kaler, ND


Dr. Kaler is a licensed and qualified member of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA). Dr. Kaler earned his Bachelor of Biological Science Degree with Distinction at the University of Calgary and his four-year Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in British Columbia.  

Dr. Kaler considers naturopathic doctors essential members of an integrative healthcare team. He offers an evidence-based approach to medicine and works to educate and empower his patients on their path to health and wellness.

On your first visit, Dr. Kaler will conduct a complete health review and you are encouraged to bring in existing lab work, medications and supplements. Dr. Kaler may consider ordering lab tests, performing a physical exam and requesting the release of tests results through your family doctor or specialist. Then Dr. Kaler will develop a personalized treatment plan to address the root cause of disease using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements.

Conditions addressed by Dr. Kaler include:

· Digestive complaints (IBS, celiac disease, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, bacterial/yeast dysbiosis, SIBO, heartburn, food intolerances etc.)

· Fatigue, insomnia and chronic stress

· Headaches and migraines

· Anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction

· Chronic pain and inflammation

· Thyroid disorders, weight gain and obesity

· Men’s and women’s health issues 

· Pregnancy and fertility concerns

· Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

· Neurologic disease 

· Immune deficiency, infection and autoimmunity

· Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

· Cancer, Lyme disease and chronic illness

Therapies and testing offered by Dr. Kaler include: 

· Vitamin, mineral and herbal prescriptions

· Acupuncture and fire cupping therapy

· Food sensitivity testing and therapeutic diets (low FODMAP’s, Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, Paleo, fasting, keto diet)

· Nutrient and hormone testing (iron, B12, thyroid etc.)

· IV therapy and injection therapies

Outside of medical practice, Dr. Kaler enjoys travel, nature photography, meditation, cooking, playing music and staying physically active through hiking, snowboarding, yoga, cross-country skiing and surfing.

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