Dr. Man-Yee Yeung

Dr.  Man-Yee Yeung is a  board-certified, licensed and registered  naturopathic physician.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree,   with specialty in Biology, from the University   of British Columbia.   She then went on to graduate from  naturopathic medical school in  Toronto, Ontario at the Canadian   College of Naturopathic  Medicine.   She is an active member of the  Canadian Association of Naturopathic  Doctors, as well as the Alberta  Association of Naturopathic  Practitioners.   

Being the daughter of a well-respected MD in her hometown of Kamloops,   BC, Man-Yee  grew up with a good  awareness of healthy, active living.  She understands the balance that can be found between naturopathic medicine  and  conventional medicine to achieve optimal health. 
As a regular contributor of  informative articles for Natural Living  magazine, Dr. Yeung is always eager to  share her knowledge and  experiences with others. She is dedicated to providing  families with  excellent health-care using natural health solutions that are  safe,  effective and reliable.  Man-Yee  strives to keep current with the  constant advances in both naturopathic and  conventional medicine to  ensure her patients receive the highest level of  care.  She focuses on  patient education,  disease prevention, and health promotion.   

Dr.  Man-Yee Yeung is  thrilled to be a part of the exciting profession of  naturopathic medicine – the  future of health.  She truly cares for  her  patients and looks forward to working with them in their journey to  true  health – mind, body, and soul. 

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