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Healthquest is an established Calgary Complementary Healthcare Clinic located in the heart of Kensington. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality integrative healthcare to our patients.  We believe that everyone has the common goal of achieving a “QUEST for Better HEALTH”, and this quest is aided by chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and massage therapy.

At Healthquest our practitioners are highly trained healthcare providers.  All Healthquest practitioners have obtained a high level of education in their fields of expertise and enjoy sharing this knowledge with our patients.  At Healthquest our goal is to provide exceptional patient care. 

Our services range from:
• Diversified and Drop table Chiropractic Adjustments
• Ultrasound and Interferential Current
• Botanical Medicine
• Clinical Nutrition
• Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Nutrition)
• Hydrotherapy
• Exercise Rehabilitation
• Homeopathy
• Prenatal and postnatal care
• Massage Therapy

• Individual Counselling
• Couple Counselling
• Family Counselling
• Hypnosis
• Energy Therapies
Conditions Commonly Treated:
• Migraine Headaches
• Tension Headaches
• Sports Injuries
• Chronic/Acute back pain
• Golfer’s elbow
• Menopause
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Arthritis
• Eczema
• Allergies



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